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Although I'm as concerned about African viruses, the plight of the poor, warring nations and political corruption as the next guy, I feel the need to unload about what I call, "Let's Hurry Up to the Next Thing."

I'm sure young students just love the Back to School Sales advertised in July. Then college football teams hold their Fall Camps that same month. A nearby community will be celebrating the "End of Summer" with a bash scheduled to occur with a month of that season left to go. And don't get me started on my local home improvement store (rhymes with goes) whose employees told me in mid-August a few years ago, when the temperature outside was 95 and I needed some swamp cooler parts that I couldn't seem to locate: "Oh, we put all that away for the season, but we can give you a great deal on those (pointing to a snowblower display)!"

Get ready to now run into Halloween stuff well before summer (which, last I checked, runs until the latter part of September) ends, begin celebrating Christmas in early October (with Thanksgiving an afterthought), and buy Valentine cards on Boxing Day.

I fear we're in such a hurry to get to the next event/holiday/season that we're not stopping, or at least slowing down, to embrace and enjoy what's in front of us now. OK, that said, where's that Christmas gift list I need to get started on ...

Steve Wilde


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