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Utah's school budget in need of money, again. We spend the least on Utah school children, we are on the bottom of school funding in the U.S. and our leaders want to increase the property tax or the sales tax or some other tax to prop up school funding?

As I see it, our governor and the rest of the lackeys who run our state can find millions to fight same-sex marriage, millions in tax relief so a builder can build a hotel for the services industry and conventioneers, tax relief of millions for the movie industry, the list goes on.

The governor doesn't want the government's $500 million for Medicaid. He says his plan is better, but can his $30 to $40 million provide the care of $500 million? I think not.

So where will this money come from, Governor? The taxpayers are getting fed up with you and the Legislature squandering our money. The well is almost dry and there are no more turnips to squeeze.

Stan Saltas

West Jordan

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