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While driving home recently, I listened to a report describing the recent testimony before members of the Utah Legislature concerning the possible expansion of Medicaid to help cover uninsured Utahans.

I listened to the emotional testimony Charlotte Lawrence of Orem, a single mother, describing her situation. She is currently undergoing cancer treatment, while working two full-time jobs. She earns a total of $29,000 per year and cannot afford the $300 per month for private insurance.

A truly touching and tragic situation that any right-thinking Utahan would find appalling.

But, following this testimony, a Utah lawmaker, in all seriousness, asked, "Where does one draw the line?" He mentioned that he found the possible "expansion of government" troubling and of deep concern to him.

But what was not mentioned was this lawmaker, and others like him, are covered by a gold-plated "government-paid" health care plan that is theirs to keep, for life, after serving in the Legislature for 10 years or more. Is his life of more value than hers?

It sounds like he was really saying: "I got mine, to hell with you." Does anyone else find this hypocrisy telling about the state of the debate in Utah today?

William E. Hewitt Jr.

Salt Lake City

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