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I just got back from lunch at Lucky 13 Bar and Grill in downtown Salt Lake City. My colleagues and I had delicious burgers — but a little too much garlic on the French Fries.

We also had a long wait. That's because James Pierce and Tim Pruss (see photo) ordered "Big Benny" burgers that stand about a foot high and are made with six patties (as well as house-smoked bacon, ham, cheese and sauted onions)

"They filled up the grill," said our apologetic waitress.

I was actually excited to see the burgers delivered to their table. But then, I wondered, how do you eat something so huge and not be comatose a few hours later?

"I'm always up for a challenge," said Pierce, before diggin in.

Pierce almost defeated the Big Benny, leaving just one beef patty uneaten. Pruss was less ambitious. (See the after photo).