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Women who vote for politicians who do not support equal pay for women are stupid women. That is not an insult. That is a fact.

There is absolutely no reason why women doing the same job as men should not receive pay equal to the men's. There is no factual argument for doing that, not one. Here in Utah and in Nevada, women by the thousands continue to vote for Sens. Orrin Hatch, Mike Lee and Dean Heller, even though all three reject equal pay for women. How else can that be described other than being stupid?

Men who do not support equal pay for women are loathsome. They reveal their arrogance, display their cowardice and disrespect their families. What greater insult can men devise for their mothers, wives and daughters than to mark their existences as worth less than all men? Why not just drown female babies at birth and spare them a lifetime of ridicule?

All women are not stupid. All men are not loathsome. Why are some acting stupid and loathsome? They know better. Why don't they see this? Why don't they change this? If they don't vote to change this, women will never be paid salaries equal to men's. Never. Ever.

John Dombek

Santa Clara